Continuing up the Croatian coastline.


High line demonstration for the outdoor festival in Zadar

3rd May.

I know I promised to keep this journal updated… but poor wifi connection and I got slightly  distracted by dolphins (more to follow)…

From Split I headed up the coast road by bus to the city of Zadar. The journey was amazing, with rugged mountains on one side of the road and views out to the islands the other. The busses here are great, cheap comfortable and so far reliable. As it’s off season it’s not even necessary to pre book long journeys.

Zadar was my first stop, I arrived in pouring rain and then immediately got lost in what looked like a 1960’s council estate, looking for my hostel.


My first impression of Zadar..

I have to admit my first impressions were not the the best, however after freshening up and studying a map I went out exploring and found it to be a really interesting city, with a huge amount of character!

Zadar old town

Entering the old town


The Roman forum


Blue skies always cheer me up


The pretty old harbour

They are still rebuilding the old town after the damage it sustained in WW2 and they are putting it back as it was.

There are lots of concrete buildings mixed in with beautiful churches, Venetian architecture and random Roman ruins throughout the old town. The old town is another maze of traffic free streets squares and a beautiful modern seafront walk way, the highlight of which are the recently added Sun Salutaion and the Sea Organ, a musical instrument played by the sea!


The sea organ

Zadar waterfront

The waterfront promenade

Sun salutation

The sun salutation by day collects sunlight through solar panels…


 by night, people gather to watch the sun go down and a light show produced by the solar panels

Zadar is much less touristy than Split especially at this time of year, but its still very lively thanks to the University, and really nice mix of locals and travellers passing through. While I was there a festival celebrating the outdoor persuiuts in the area. I was lucky to watch high line demonstrations, raft races and a 10km run.

From Zadar it was back on the bus to continue up the coast to Rijeka.


The coast road from Zadar to Rijeka




Botel Marina.. (I see what they did there…)

I stayed overnight in Rijeka, in a quirky hotel in the marina a converted boat!

Next stop the island of Losinj…


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