My Next Trip….

So, I have less than a week before I head out on my next long term adventure. Some of it is planned and some isn’t.

I have a flight booked to Split, and two weeks at the Adriatic Dolphin Project – on Mali Lošinj. I have just under a week to slowly wander up the coast of Croatia to get to the project and I’m thinking a couple of nights in Split then on to Zadar and ending up in Rijeka where I catch the Ferry to Lošinj…


After my two weeks at Mali Lošinj I was planning of exploring more of Croatia, along with Solvenia, have around two weeks and no set plans other than ending in Dubrovnik where I will join a small group tour travelling through Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and ending in Athens from where I’m travelling to see family on one of the Greek islands…

My plans so far…

I would love to hear tips and ideas from anyone out there either local or those who’ve visited the area… 

I’d be particularly keen to hear about:

  • Must see places in Slovenia
  • Where to see wildlife
  • Getting off the normal tourist trail
  • Learning about the culture of the region
  • What to eat and drink
  • Ecotourism and community projects

Your comments would be welcome either here in the comments section or on my facebook page: JuliaWandering where I hope be documenting my travels.


3 thoughts on “My Next Trip….

  1. Peter Warren says:

    I went to Zadar in 1965. Whenz Yugoslavia first opened up to foreign tourists. I was sleeping rough and taken to jail by a policeman who then plied us with slivervich Balkan cigarettes and gave us abed for the night in cell.

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